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Bankruptcy Law: Home

Resources for case law, statutes, news, and other legal information for bankruptcy research at Brooklyn Law School.


This guide focuses on sources for researching Bankruptcy Law in the United States. U.S. bankruptcy law is governed by federal law, and only federal sources are discussed in this guide. Some material on locating foreign laws on bankruptcy is also included, although foreign bankruptcy laws is outside the scope of this guide.

Reference Sources

Norton Dictionary of Bankruptcy Terms (KF1524.N672) explains terms on bankruptcy law, cross references to Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice, 3d. 







At the Reference Desk and on Westlaw

Subject Headings

Search the Library's online catalog SARA for resources by author, keyword, or title.

To find additional sources on bankruptcy law in the BLS Library, search SARA by subject using the following select list of subject headings. You may need to add a geographic location to certain headings; for example "Bankruptcy -- United States" or "Priorities of Claims and Liens-- United States ".

  • Assignments for benefit of creditors
  • Automatic stays in bankruptcy
  • Bank failures Law and legislation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business failures Law and legislation
  • Composition (Law)
  • Creditors bills
  • Fraudulent conveyances
  • Municipal bankruptcy
  • Priorities of claims and liens
  • Receivers
  • Receivership
  • State Bankruptcy

History of Bankruptcy