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New York State Legislative History Research: Law Revision Commission & Judicial Conference Reports

This guide is intended to help researchers locate print and online sources for New York State Legislative History Research.

Law Revision Commission & Judicial Conference Reports

Law Revision Commission Reports

Since 1934 the New York State Law Revision Commission has had the statutory duty to draft and recommend needed new laws.  If the law you are looking for was sponsored by this Commission, there will be a statement at the end of the text of the law in McKinney's Consolidated Laws of New York or the Consolidated Laws of New York indicating that sponsorship.

The Commission reviews problems that have been brought to its attention and selects some of them for further study and possibly hold hearings.  The Commission's analysis of a problem will lead to its recommendation of new legislation or an amendment of existing law therefore this information may be determinative of legislative intent.

The New York State Law  Revision Commission Reports, 1935-1977 (KFN 5014 .L33) are available in the BLS Library.

From 1970 to 1995 the Reports of the Law Revision Commission were reprinted in McKinney's Session Laws (KFN 5025 .M3).

Information about the Law Revision Commision, their agenda, reports, meeting notices and commissioners are available at:


Judicial Council & Judicial Conference Reports

These two bodies made recommendations about laws relating to the administration of justice.  When there were changes in the judiciary law, useful information may be found here.

Judicial Council Reports (1934-1955) and Judicial Conference Reports (1955-1978) KFN 5951 .N43