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New York Civil Practice: Selected Resources: Current Awareness Resources

This guide is designed to aid practitioners and law students in researching New York civil practice.


Both and are two legal blog aggregators, which you can customize to identify New York legal news.

To access over 300 New York legal blogs on, click on the category "United States" and then click on "New York."

The links below highlight some of the New York Civil Litigation blogs found in both directories.


Legal newspapers and newsletters are important tools for practitioners to keep abreast of the latest developments in the law.  Prominent civil litigation newsletters include Westalw Journals, formerly Andrew's Litigation Reporters, and Mealey's Litigation Reports.  New York specific legal newspapers include the New York Law Journal and the City Record.

  • Westlaw Journals are newsletters devoted to specific types of litigation ranging from Antitrust to Tire Defects.  The database identifier is WJ-ALL.
  • Mealey's Litigation Reports are newsletters which cover very specific types of civil and criminal litigation.  Mealey's reports on everything from anti depressant drug litigation to premise liability.  Mealey's Litigation Reports are found on LexisNexis.