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New York Civil Practice: Selected Resources: Case Evaluation

This guide is designed to aid practitioners and law students in researching New York civil practice.

Should I take the case?

This section recommends sources to help lawyers conduct a client interview, review the merits of the case, and evaluate the possible monetary rewards if he or she chooses to accept a retainer.  Verdict and settlement reports can be used to gauge the value of a case and will also be helpful to determine appropriate and inappropriate compensation.  A list of resources to identify other attorneys is also included.  If you cannot accept a case you may want to refer a potential client to another attorney and benefit from a referral fee.

The Attorney-Client Relationship: Resources

In a law library catalog, use the subject headings "attorney and client--United States" or "interviewing in law practice--United States" to identify relevant materials.

Lawyer Directories

Case Valuation: Resources

Reviewing the Merits: Resources