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Administrative Law Research Guide: Sources To Track Rulemaking Notices of Federal Agencies

Focus: free and fee-based sources

Free: (maintained by U.S. government)

  • Provides a platform for the public to comment about U.S. federal agencies' proposed regulations.
  • Frequently posts comments submitted about proposed regulations.
    • Note: Not all U.S. federal agencies choose to post comments to  Also, sometimes an agency might determine that a comment is "inconsistent with the agency's guidelines for posting comments."  See FAQ titled: "Why can't I see a comment I submitted?"
    • TIP: If you cannot find comments on a proposed regulation at, try searching the website of the U.S. federal agency that proposed the regulation.  
  • Offers RSS feeds for specific federal agencies.
  • Highlights newly posted Federal Register notices culled from all agencies.

Free: GovPulse

GovPulse (maintained by Andrew, Dave & Bob)

  • New website that supports searches in the Federal Register and categorizes entries in the Federal Register by topic.  Well-designed main screen highlights U.S. federal regulations open for comment, recently proposed regulations and regulations that will soon become effective.     

Free: (maintained by Jerry Brito & Peter Snyder)

  • Offers an RSS feed for each federal agency, highlighting new final and proposed regulations.