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Administrative Law Research Guide: Federal

Focus: free and fee-based sources



Tip: Do not assume that a database is an "official" source.  Does the database state that it is an official source? Can the researcher verify this statement?  Is the material in PDF or similar format?  

    • Federal Register 
      • Weekday register published by U.S. government.
      • Includes text of proposed & adopted U.S. federal regulations.
      • Includes notices of proposed rulemaking.


    • Code of Federal Regulations 
      • Annually revised code published by U.S. government.
      • Provides text of adopted U.S. federal regulations & categorizes regulations by subject.
      • Does not contain annotations.
        • Source: Free GPO Access website: Code of Federal Regulations in PDF from 1996-.  Searchable.  
          • Tip: Researchers can update a regulation published in the Code of Federal Regulations at free e-CFR
          • e-CFR is an unofficial source.