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Administrative Law Research Guide: Bloomberg BNA

Focus: free and fee-based sources

BNA's Law School Professional Information Center

Fee-based: Bloomberg BNA's Law School Professional Information Center

Within the BLS firewall, researchers can access Bloomberg BNA's Law School Professional Information Center

Note: Subscription Bloomberg Law database also provides Bloomberg BNA sources.

This BNA collection includes:

    • Legal News Sources ("Dailies" & "Reports") 
      • Tip: Many students have developed paper topics from the legal developments highlighted in these BNA news sources.
      • Tip: Faculty research assistants can track new legal developments through these Bloomberg BNA news sources.     


    • Manuals & Guides
      • ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct
      • Americans with Disabilities Act Manual
      • Export Reference Guide (in Export Reference Library)


  • Some Large Databases of Primary & Secondary Sources
      • Benefits Practice Resource Center
      • Corporate Compliance Library
      • Corporate Governance Library
      • Corporate Practice Library
      • Health Law Resource Center
      • Labor & Employment Law Resource Center (including Labor Relations Reporter)
      • TaxCore


  • TM (Tax Management) Portfolios
    • "Federal Collection" of tax portfolios includes:
      • U.S. Income
      • Estates Gifts & Trusts
      • Foreign Income