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Paper Topic Selection: International & Comparative: ASIL & UN

Sources to identify developments concerning international law and foreign law.

American Society of International Law

American Society of International Law & United Nations

The American Society of International Law offers Insights on hot topics.  ASIL features selected Insights, blog posts and program videos on its main web page.  TIP: Use the search feature on ASIL's home page to find pertinent material.

TIP: While investigating paper topics, many students also have consulted ASIL's subject-arranged research guide: Electronic Resource Guide for International Law

UN News Centre categorizes news by topic (including UN Affairs, Climate Change/Environment, Health/Poverty, Human Rights, Humanitarian AId, Law/Crime Prevention, Women/Children/Population).  It also categorizes news by region of the world & provides a link to all "UN Daily News."

The website of the United Nations highlights:

Upcoming "Meetings & Events"

"Global Issues" (Africa, Ageing, Agriculture, AIDS, Atomic Energy, Children, Climate Change, Decolonization, Demining, Development, Disarmanent, Environment, Family, Food, Governance, Health, Human Rights, Human Settlements, Humanitarian Assistance, International Law, Oceans/Law of the Sea, Peace and Security, Persons with Disabilities, Population, Refugees, Terrorism, Volunteerism, Water and Women). 

Also, the UN provides collections of sources concerning:

Human Rights

Humanitarian Aid

International Law