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Paper Topic Selection: International: World News

Sources to identify international law developments.

The New York Times: World

The New York Times: Each current BLS student, faculty member or administrator can create an individual account.  Also, subscription Lexis Advance provides The New York Times from June 1980-today.  Subscription Proquest provides a similar database (PDF).  Proquest also provides Historical New York Times with Index (PDF)

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Council on Foreign Relations

Each current BLS student, faculty member or administrator can create an individual account.  There is a link to registration instructions in BLS Library's SARA catalog record for the Financial Times.

The Wall Street Journal

BLS patrons: Subscription database Lexis Advance provides today's stories from, and an archive of, The Wall Street Journal.  (TIP: To view the most current news articles: click: Actions > Get all documents for this source.)  Lexis Advance also provides stories from in a separate database titled: The Wall Street Journal Online

Alternatively, ask the BLS reference librarian on duty to assist you.

Many sources: Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law subscription database: from home screen, click: Browse.  The "Browse All Content" menu includesPractice Centers > select a practice center.  Practice centers highlight current stories from BNA Law Reports and Bloomberg News.  

The "Browse All Content" menu also includes: News & Analysis > News from Bloomberg Terminal News Search.  This yields a search template that allows researchers to limit by news topic or region/country. TIP: Researchers also can limit a news search to Sources > Bloomberg. 

Many sources: Lexis Advance category: News

BLS patrons: Subscription database Lexis Advance category: News supports many types of news searches (e.g., by country, by region of the world and by databases of combined publications).

Many sources: LexisNexis Uni category: News

LexisNexis UniBLS alumni and other visitors can access LexisNexis Uni on campus. TIP: Click: News and search.

Many sources: Google News: World