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Paper Topic Selection: International: Legal News

Sources to identify international law developments.

Legal News Reports & Information Centers

Subscription database: Bloomberg Law 

        Home screen box "Law School Success" links to: Circuit Splits Charts.   

        Home screen box "Law School Success" links to: United States Law Week

TIP: Search United States Law Week by keyword: international 

TIP: In United States Law Week, click: View and Filter All Stories > under Filters: Topic, click: Select More > type: international in the topic search box.       

       Home screen box "News on Bloomberg Law" links to: Bloomberg Law News.

TIP: Click > (to the left of: Bloomberg Law News) to view legal news by topic (e.g., Daily Tax Report: International, IP Law, International TradePrivacy & Data Security News and Tech & Telecom Law).  

From home screen, click: Browse.  The "Browse All Content" menu links toPractice Centers (e.g., International Trade, Privacy & Data Security and Tech & Telecom).

Court Listener provides more than three million opinions issued by U.S. federal and state courts. 

TIP: Register at this site, search by keywords, and create an alert.

Jurist: World Legal News tracks international and foreign law developments.  

Subscription Law360's legal news stories and expert analysis are accessible on-campus, in BLS housing, and elsewhere off-campus if one has implemented the proxy server instructions.  Law360 news categories include Cannabis, Competition, Cybersecurity & PrivacyIntellectual Property, International Arbitration, International Trade, Technology and White Collar.  Headlines (but not full stories) are available for categories: Corporate Crime & Compliance UK and Financial Services UKTIP: On the home page, click: SEE ALL 61 SECTIONS to view all of Law360's legal news categories.  Law360 also is available in subscription database Lexis Advance.

Subscription International aggregates news stories from ALM publications such as The American Lawyer, Legal WeekNational Law Journal, New Jersey Law Journal, New York Law Journal and The Recorder. news stories are accessible on-campus, in BLS housing, and elsewhere off-campus if one has implemented the proxy server instructions.  

Subscription database Lexis Advance also provides recent articles from, and searchable archives of, ALM publications such as National Law Journal and New York Law Journal.  Researchers can enter the name of a specific source, like New York Law Journal, and run a search, or can access Legal News (which includes ALM publications) and run an advanced search for keywords in the headline and lead paragraph of available news stories.

Mondaq (free, registration required) aggregates law firm newsletters. 

TIP: Use the filter Region/Country to select a geographic area (example: U.K.)

Use the filter Primary Topic (includes: International Law)

War Crimes Prosecution Watch compiles documents and highlights developments in prosecutions of war crimes throughout the world.