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Paper Topic Selection: International & Comparative: Int'l. IP, I'net Law & E-Commerce

Sources to identify developments concerning international law and foreign law.

International IP, Internet Law and E-Commerce: News

Bloomberg BNA's Law School Professional Information Center includes:

World Communications Regulation Report

World Intellectual Property Report

Biotech Watch

Computer Technology Law Report

Electronic Commerce & Law Report

Patent Trademark and Copyright Law Daily and Patent Trademark and Copyright Journal

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Social Media Law & Policy Report

(Accessible on campus, in BLS housing, and elsewhere off campus if one has implemented the proxy instructions.)

Cyber Tech & E-Commerce: Mealey's Litigation Report  (Monthly) 

Reports discuss some international issues.

(Available in Lexis Advance--enter user name and password.) 

Intellectual Property: Mealey’s Litigation Report  (Bi-weekly)

Reports discuss some international issues.

(Available in Lexis Advance.) 

Law360 headlines for topic: Intellectual Property

Law360 headlines for topic: Technology

Subscription Lexis Advance also offers the databases Law360 Legal News & Law360 Expert Analysis.  

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law: Working Group IV 

This working group focuses on electronic commerce.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Office of Policy and International Affairs

World Intellectual Property Organization, main page features latest news and describes upcoming conferences. 

World Trade Organization, Electronic Commerce

World Trade Organization, TRIPS

Westlaw's United Kingdom Current Awareness: Intellectual Property 

(Click link above and enter Westlaw user name and password.) 

Intellectual Property Watch Blog

This is a feed from Intellectual Property Watch blog, edited by journalist William E. New.  This blog focuses on international intellectual property news and policy developments.

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IP Newsflash

Michael Geist's Blog

This is a feed from the blog of Dr. Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa.

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Info/Law Blog

This is a feed from the blog, Information, Law, and the Law of Information, featuring Professors Tim Armstrong, Derek Bambauer, William McGeveran and Jane Yakowitz Bambauer.

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