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Federal Legislative History Research: Committee Prints

Committee Prints

Committee prints are the result of research done by, or at the request of Congressional committees.

Because committee prints are primarily intended as internal documents for the use of the committee members, publication and distribution are often limited.




Free Electronic Sources for House and Senate Committee Prints

FDsys -  pdf committee prints of the 94th Congress (1975-1976), and from the 102nd Congress (1995-1996) to the current Congress.

Electronic Source for House and Senate Committee Prints

Lexis/Nexis - coverage is from August 1994 through December 22, 2003.

Bloomberg Law - selected pdf committee prints 1995-

Legislative Insight - committee prints associated with enacted legislation from 1929 forward.

BLS Library Collection

The Library has the full text of House and Senate committee prints in microfiche, beginning with 1970.  See a reference librarian for help.

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