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Selecting & Developing Your Seminar Paper Topic: Legal News Providers

This guide is designed to help law students select and research a topic for their upper level writing requirement.


Law360 is an extremely comprehensive and timely news service which, according to their website, covers:

  • Every major litigation development in the U.S. federal district courts
  • Every major lawsuit filed against the world’s 2,000 top companies
  • Every major opinion handed down in the U.S. federal courts
  • Every major development in class actions and multidistrict litigation
  • Every major transaction involving the top 250 U.S. law firms
  • Every major hire at the top 800 U.S. law firms
  • Every major initiative by state, federal and international legislatures.


  • Browse News Articles and Expert Analysis by 18 Practice Areas
  • View Original Court Documents.

Jurist Law

Led by University of Pittsburgh Law School's Professor Bernard Hibbits, Jurist Law is a real time legal news service that reports on both national and international news.

  •  Format Views: 
    • U.S.
    • International 
    • Combined U.S. and International
  •  Features:
    • View Original Documents

Bloomberg Law

In order to access, Bloomberg Law, you must first register with Bloomberg.  To do so, Brooklyn Law students should click on the link to request a law school account from the Bloomberg Law homepage. Features:

  • Legal News:  Bloomberg is well known for its authoritative news coverage.  Legal News is arranged by topic. 
  • Topics include:
    • Health
    • Employee Benefits
    • Intellectual Property
    • Securities
  • To access Bloomberg Legal News, click on the tab labeled, "Legal News & Analysis.Then click on "Legal News" or "News by Topic". 

LexisNexis Communities

Relying on the insight of scholars, practitioners, and government officials, LexisNexis Legal Communities cover the latest news, trends and issues in various legal practice areas. 

Tip: Select LexisNexis Legal Newsroom.  Then, click on the Select Topic Tab and choose among the top "Emerging Trends" to view the latest news, podcasts, video casts, blogs on a variety of "hot"  legal topics.

BNA's Law School Professional Information Center

Bloomberg BNA’s Law School Professional Information Center provides access to over 80 legal newsletters.  The newsletters are published on either a daily or weekly basis and focus either on a jurisdiction or subject. Popular newsletters include:

  • United States Law Week
  • Daily Report for Executives
  • Daily Labor Report 

Useful features of BNA's Newsletters include:

  • Hot Topics
  • Ability to both search and browse an index
  • Browse news stories by court, federal agency, or state

Tip:  In BNA’s United States Law Week, view a list of circuit splits, by clicking on "Circuit Splits" under the heading "Key Features" or by clicking on “Advanced Search" and using the queries below to identify circuit court splits:

  • Within headings only: circuit splits
  • Anywhere in document: circuit and split

BNA publications are also available on Bloomberg Law.  To access the BNA reports on Bloomberg, click on the Browse button in the top left of the screen and then click on "News" and then click on the link to "BNA Law Reports".

Westlaw Topical Highlights & Bulletins

Westlaw Highlights are arranged by topic and include Family Law, Copyrights, Litigation, Labor & Employment, etc.

Westlaw Bulletin provides summaries of recent federal and state judicial, legislative and administrative developments.  It is categorized by jurisdiction and/or court. To go directly to the Westlaw Bulletin, click on this link Westlaw's Bulletins.  Relevant bulletins include:

Path to Bulletins & Topical Highlights on Westlaw Next:

Secondary Sources > Legal Newspapers & Newsletters > Tools & Resources > Westlaw Bulletins & Topical Highlights

Features of include:

  • Newswire:  Activate an RSS feed to automatically be updated on current legal news
  • Legal Blog Watch: maintains over 30 blogs
Both Newswire and Legal Blog Watch can be found under the "News" tab.  You can also register for both services for free.
Tip: Browse the blogs by topic, which range from criminal law to intellectual property to client relationships. 
ALM, the publisher of, publishes many regional legal newspapers including the New York Law Journal.  To browse the New York Law Journal go to