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Selecting & Developing Your Seminar Paper Topic: Law Firm Newsletter Aggregators

This guide is designed to help law students select and research a topic for their upper level writing requirement.


Created in 1994, organizes and publishes legal, financial, and regulatory commentary from professional advisers, including law firms and financial institutions.  It is a great resource that provides insight into the "hot" issues with which law firms are concerned.   It also is a great resource to use when interviewing with firms for employment. 

Tip: Browse by Topic, by Country, by Contributor (Law Firms), or by Newest Item.

For a complete list of the contributors to, click here.

Bloomberg Law Firm Research

To access Bloomberg's law firm research, click on the "Search & Browse" tab.  Then click on "All Legal Content."   Scroll down the screen to "U.S. Secondary Sources" and expand the field.  Click on the link to "Law Firm Research."

Tip: This is a great resource for students interviewing at firms.