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Starting Points for Foreign Law Research: Databases of Articles

This guide highlights foreign law sources available to Brooklyn Law School patrons. Developed by Victoria Szymczak and revised by Jean Davis.

Full-text Databases of Legal Articles

To find legal working papers, unpublished/recently published legal articles, search:  

Social Science Research Network

On main screen of SSRN, click: "Search"

TIP: Sort results by: Date posted, descending

To find legal working papers and articles submitted to U.S. law schools' journals through ExpressO, search:

 bePress Legal Repository

Use Advanced Search to find articles by author, title, keywords, and subject. 

 To find published legal articles, one could search:

Westlaw's Law Reviews & Journals and United Kingdom Journals

(Click links above and enter Westlaw user name and password.)'s U.S. & Canadian Law Reviews, Combined, Australian Law Journals, Combined, and UK Law Journals

If a researcher has a cite, the researcher also can use the “Get a Document” feature.

(Access Lexis Advance.  Enter user name and password. In Lexis Advance, click tab: Lexis Advance Research to display pull-down menu w/ link to

HeinOnline's Law Journal Library and Foreign and International Law Database

Focus: Articles in journals and year books published a year or more ago.

(Access subscription HeinOnline database on-campus, in BLS housing, and elsewhere off-campus if one has implemented the proxy instructions.)

South African Legal Journals

Access: BLS Library Catalog, SARA.

Search SARA by title of a journal, for example, title: South African Law Journal

If the journal is available through either HeinOnline database or SA ePublications database, you will see a link to “ACCESS ONLINE VERSION.”

(Access subscription HeinOnline database or SA ePublications database on-campus, in BLS housing, and elsewhere off-campus if one has implemented the proxy instructions.)

Directory of Open Access Journals

World Legal Information Institute: Categories: Law Journals

This free "legal research facility" includes the ability to search for legal journals by country.

Google Scholar

If a BLS researcher does not plan to work on-campus or in BLS housing, before searching, implement the proxy instructions.  Then, the BLS researcher will be able to access more full-text articles in Google search results.