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Starting Points for Foreign Law Research: News

This guide highlights foreign law sources available to Brooklyn Law School patrons. Developed by Victoria Szymczak and revised by Jean Davis.

Fee-based News

  • Bloomberg Law supports searching of news by country.  Particularly useful for business & financial news.
  • Lexis Advance
    • From main menu, choose content type: News.
      • If you wish, click: International by Region
    • Select: "News & Business" tab
    • To the right of "News," click: "View More Sources"
    • Click: > By Country & Region
    • Choose your region of the world or country
      • Possible Search in a regional news database: hlead(insert name of your country and/or topic) & add a date restrictor
      • Possible Search in a country news source: hlead(insert topic of interest) & add a date restrictor
  • Westlaw
    • From Browse: All Content, select: News
      • Type region or country in search box.  Choose from Westlaw's suggested databases. 
        • Possible Search: HLD(insert the name of your country) & add a date restrictor
    • From home screen, type: international news in main search box.  Follow link: International News.  At this point, can click on a region and search or drill down further by clicking on a specific country.