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Global Financial Crisis: Researching Foreign Responses: Int'l/Reg'l Bodies

Websites of International & Regional Bodies

African Development Bank Group, Financial Crisis

Bank for International Settlements, Central Bank Websites


Find "United Kingdom" in BIS's list and link to: Bank of England.  BoE's website includes a "quick link" that summarizes, and provides the text of, the UK's new Banking Act 2009. 

Bank for International Settlements, Issues in the Governance of Central Banks (report updated to May 25, 2009)

The Committee of European Securities Regulators,

Expert Groups > Credit Rating Agencies (reports)

European Commission,

Economic and Financial Crisis > Reforming the Financial System

> Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies

> Initiatives on Executive Pay

> New Rules for Hedge Funds and Private Equity

Economic and Financial Affairs > The Financial and Economic Crisis: Facts and Policies

Group of Twenty (G-20) Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors,

The Pittsburgh Summit 2009 (Sept. 24-25, 2009) > Press Room

BBC News reported that French President Nicolas Sarkozy will propose a mandatory cap on bankers' bonuses at the Pittsburgh meeting of the G-20.

Times Online described a new Financial Stability Board proposal in the article: G-20 To Give Regulators Power To Curb Bank Bonuses.

Publications > Working Groups

Includes: G-20 Working Group 1: Enhancing Sound Regulation and Strengthening Transparency (Mar. 25, 2009)

International Monetary Fund, Key Issues: Financial Crisis

International Organization of Securities Commissions, Ordinary Members of IOSCO (links to websites of securities regulators in 110 foreign jurisdictions)


Find "Switzerland" in IOSCO's list and link to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.  FINMA's website provides an English-language summary (dated Sept. 14, 2009) of a recently released FINMA report: Financial Market Crisis and Financial Market Supervision

Tab: Regulation provides Swiss laws regarding banks, insurers and stock exchanges/markets.  Selected documents are available in unofficial English translation.       

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Tackling the Financial and Economic Crisis

The World Bank, Financial Crisis