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EU Legal Research: Starting Points: Indexes of Articles

Recommendation for BLS researchers who are using this guide off-campus: first, implement the proxy instructions [at] for access to BLS subscription databases.

Indexes of Articles

Databases of published legal articles (examples: Westlaw: Law Reviews & Journals and Directory of Open Access Journals) do not include all articles.

To find working papers, unpublished articles, and recently published articles, search:

Social Science Research Network

Includes legal, business, economic and accounting papers/articles submitted by scholars in many countries.

bePress Legal Repository  

To find published legal articles on a topic, use BLS discovery platform OneSearch and indexes.


Westlaw: Legal Journals Index (1986-)

Focus: Legal articles published in the U.K. and English-language legal articles published in Europe.  Search results (cites and abstracts) in Legal Journals Index generally do not link to full-text articles.  In SARA catalog, use tools OneSearch (search by title of article) and Find A Source (search by title of periodical) to try to retrieve the article. 

Westlaw: Legal Resource Index (1980-)

Focus: Legal articles published in the U.S. + some articles published in Australia, Canada, the U.K., and New Zealand.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals

Focus: Worldwide.  Can limit searches by country subjects, including: European Union & European Union Countries. (1997-)

Focus: Ireland.