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Climate Change and Human Rights: Secondary Sources

Developed by Anna Ansari. Updated by Rosemary Campagna

Secondary Source Research Tips

Secondary sources offer much for a researcher interested in human rights and climate change. This section is divided between books/treatises, periodical literature and reports.



The books in the first box are arranged in order from most useful to least useful.  All three of the books listed here are available via Interlibrary Loan; Brooklyn Law School does not own them.

The second box provides links to books available for purchase at  Please note that these are only books that appear as though they may be relevant; they have not been reviewed and, therefore, cannot be judged as to their utility.  

Of particular interest in the list is the book "Human Rights and Climate Change."  Not yet published, this book seemingly promises to be a helpful addition to the literature on the subject.


Periodical Literature:

The articles in this section are listed in a suggested order in which they should be read, first to last, to provide a researcher with the clearest understanding of the topic of human rights and climate change.  Although the articles are listed in such a fashion, this does not mean they will not be useful if read in a different order; they are all very helpful as a whole.

All of the articles were found using Westlaw's Index to Legal Periodicals and/or Washinton & Lee's Current Law Journal Content.

Compared to the scarce book/treatise resources, there is much available on the subject of climate change and human rights in legal periodical literature, most of which is very recent, an indicator perhaps of the growing importance of and attention paid to this subject.  

Another indicator of the growth of interest in this topic is the fact that many of the articles included in this webguide were published in a 2009 Harvard Environmental Law Review issue devoted to the subject of climate change and global justice which resulted from a March 2009 symposium on the same topic.  Additionally, early 2010 will witness the publication of an Australian law journal, "Journal of Human Rights and the Environment," that should probably yield more literature about climate change and human rights in the future.



These reports are all products of relevant international organizations that deal directly with the issue of climate change and human rights.  While there are many other similar reports available, the reports included here were the most on-point and useful ones encountered.   

Suggested Keywords

All searches, whether for books, periodical literature, international organizations, or videos were conducted using the following search terms:

  • "climate change" and "human rights"
  • "climate justice"