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International Refugee Law: Sources To Support Safe Harbor Participants & Other Interns: COI

COI Experts

Click on a country's name to view recommended COI experts.

Aggregators of COI

Aggregators of COI:

Search by Country of Origin and Category (Categories include: Country Information, Legal Information, Policy Documents and Reference Documents.)  

Tip: A country entry marked with a * contains more material.

  • UN Human Rights, Office of the High Commissioner, 

                Human Rights by Country

  • UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs,

ReliefWeb: Countries

ReliefWeb: Updates by Country, Theme & Content Format

Other UN Sources of COI


Health Topics (topic: HIV/AIDS includes HIV/AIDS in WHO regions)

Tip: Search by country name and keywords.  Example: [country name] HIV discrimination  

Tip: "Where We Work" allows researchers to click on specific countries.

Link: Resolutions  Click a year, like: 2019

Tip: Title of resolution generally indicates which country (or region) is the subject of the resolution. 

Link: Secretary-General's Reports

Tip: The Secretary-General issues reports about UN peacekeeping/building missions and conflict situations.  Title of report indicates which country (or region/regional body) is the subject of the report. 

Governments that Publish COI


Includes reports of the Danish Immigration Service's fact-finding missions to various countries.   

  • Norway: Norwegian Country of Origin Information Centre, Landinfo

A few reports are available in English. Tab: English > Publications

A document category like "Policy papers and consultations" supports filtering by: World Location. 

Use tab: Policy Issues to drill down to thematic reports.  Also try tab: Countries & Areas.  

NGOs, Institutes, Centers & Commissions that Publish COI

Supports searching by country and by issue.

  • Amnesty International USA, Tools and Reports
  • Asylos: Research for Asylum provides country of origin information research notes (either in English or in French).  There is a country map that links to country-specific research on the home page of its website.
  • Center for Gender & Refugee Studies accepts requests for its country conditions reports, certified expert declarations about countries/issues and practice advisories.  There is link to this Center's request form on the home page of its website.  

Follow links to countries or topics.

  • International Crisis Group, groups Reports & Briefings by region/country and by global issues.

 Also includes CrisisWatch (global conflict tracker), media releases, speeches and interviews.

  • OutRight Action International, click on map to find country-specific information
  • International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, Home Page includes a Resources tab that supports searching for laws by country.
  • Protection International, Protectionline provides news about human rights defenders by country (use map).   
  • The Washington Office on Latin America: Promoting Human Rights, Democracy & Social Justice, Home Page

Recent News

Bloomberg Law supports searching of news by country.  Particularly useful for business & financial news.

Lexis Advance

  • Click black box: Go to Lexis Advance > Under Explore Content, select Content type: News
    • Can click: International by Region or International by Country.     

Westlaw Edge

  • Under Specialty areas, select: News
    • Type region or country in search box.  Often, Westlaw will suggest a news database.  
      • Possible search: HLD(insert the name of your country) & add a date restrictor 
      • Similar search: Link: Advanced Search allows searching by words in Title or Lead Paragraph. 
    • From News, follow link: International.  At this point, can click on a region or country and search. 

Home Office, UK Border Agency, Country Policy and Information Notes

Tip: These documents generally include key news sources.  Skim the table of contents (and maybe also titles of Annexes). 

BBC News, Country Profiles (& news stories provided by the BBC)

Tip: In a BBC country profile, the "Media" section describes and links to websites of press, television and radio sources for the country.  

 News Subtopic: Press Freedom

Committee To Protect Journalists

Reporters Without Borders


Aid To Proving Ethnicity: Ethnologue: Languages of the World