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International Refugee Law: Sources To Support Safe Harbor Participants & Other Interns: COI

COI Experts

Click on a country's name to view recommended COI experts.

Aggregators of COI

Aggregators of COI:

  • UNHCR, 


Option to search by keyword & Country, tab: Country Information

Refworld > Advanced Search

Search by Country of Origin and Category (Categories include: Country Information, Legal Information, Policy Documents and Reference Documents.)  

Click tab: Advanced Search.  

Tip: A country entry marked with a * contains more material.

  • UN Human Rights, Office of the High Commissioner, 

                Human Rights by Country

  • UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs,

ReliefWeb: Countries

ReliefWeb: Updates by Country, Theme & Content Format

Other UN Sources of COI


Health Topics (topic: HIV/AIDS includes HIV/AIDS in WHO regions)

See tabs "Countries" & "Resources."

Tip: In search box, combine country name with keywords.  Example: [country name] HIV discrimination  

Includes 2013 UNAIDS Report on the global AIDS epidemic and People Living with HIV Stigma Index.

See tabs "Countries" and "Effects of Conflict."

Link: Resolutions  Click a year, like: 2017

Tip: Title of resolution generally indicates which country (or region) is the subject of the resolution. 

Link: Secretary-General's Reports

Tip: The Secretary-General issues reports about UN peacekeeping/building missions and conflict situations.  Title of report indicates which country (or region/regional body) is the subject of the report. 

  • UN Women, Global Database on Violence Against Women 

    Provides the following categories of material: the legal framework; government policies; institutional mechanisms; services for victims and survivors; preventive measures and training; and research/statistical data.  

    Tip: Advanced Search supports searching by country and form of violence. 

Governments that Publish COI


Includes reports of the Danish Immigration Service's fact-finding missions to various countries.   

  • Norway: Norwegian Country of Origin Information Centre, Landinfo

A few reports are available in English. Tab: English > Publications

Link: Publications supports searches for the reports: Human Rights in countries of Concern: [country name]

Includes Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets about countries, Human Rights Reports, Country Reports on Terrorism, [International] Religious Freedom Report (annual) and Trafficking in Persons report (annual).  

NGOs, Institutes, Centers & Commissions that Publish COI

Supports searching by country and by issue.

Follow links to regions of the world, countries or topics.

Groups reports by country, by region and by theme.  Also includes CrisisWatch (monthly bulletin), media releases, speeches and interviews.

  • International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission, click on map to find country-specific information
  • International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, Home Page supports searching for laws by country & provides pull-down menu of legal topics
  • Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Global Internal Displacement Database (click on a country)
  • Protection International, Protectionline provides news about human rights defenders by country (use map).   
  • The Washington Office on Latin America: Promoting Human Rights, Democracy & Social Justice, Home Page

Recent News

Bloomberg Law supports searching of news by country.  Particularly useful for business & financial news.

Lexis Advance

  • Go to Lexis Advance > Under Explore Content, click: News
    • Can click: International by Region, run a search and filter by geography and sources (of news).  


  • From Browse: All Content, select: News
    • Type region or country in search box.  Choose from Westlaw's suggested databases. 
      • Possible Search: HLD(insert the name of your country) & add a date restrictor
  • From home screen, type: international news in main search box.  Follow link: International News.  At this point, can click on a region and search or drill down further by clicking on a specific country. 

Home Office, UK Border Agency, Country Policy and Information Notes

Tip: These documents generally include key news sources.  Skim the table of contents (and maybe also titles of Annexes). 

BBC News, Country Profiles (& news stories provided by the BBC)

Tip: In a BBC country profile, the "Media" section describes and links to websites of press, television and radio sources for the country.  

 News Subtopic: Press Freedom

Committee To Protect Journalists

Reporters Without Borders


Aid To Proving Ethnicity: Ethnologue: Languages of the World