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Affordable Legal Information Sources for Attorneys: Commentary

This guide points you to reliable sources that are free or nearly free. Developed by Victoria Szymczak; updated by Rosemary Campagna and Eric Yap

Law Journals

The main indexes to legal scholarship are commercial products that are found in most law collections.  They are the Index to Legal Periodicals and Books, and the Current Law Index.  Lexis and Westlaw also have the Legal Resource Index.  If you do not have access to these materials, you can use these free tools to keep up to date on the law, or research a topic.


Treatises are often the best place to start a project.  Remember your law school alumni privleges and facilities like NYPL to access print or online treatises.

Ask a librarian to help identify treatises in your area, or consult Houdek, State Practice Materials : Annotated Bibliography, which identifies practitioner treatises by topic in each state.  Not available online but found in many law libraries.

Google Book Search

Google may not display the most current editions of titles, nor will it contain ALL publications.  Try WorldCat for that.