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South African Legal Research: AULAI Manual & Other Pubs.

Focus: Sources to support U.S. law students working in a South African legal aid clinic

Legal Aid Manual

Association of University Legal Aid Institutions (AULAI): Manual (2005) - Yousuf A. Vawda, general ed. 

Vawda is Associate Professor of Law, University of KwaZulu-Natal.  This Manual highlights key South African legal sources pertaining to land tenure law and housing law, family law, HIV/AIDS law and labor law. BLS students received access to this Manual when they were working at a South African university's legal aid clinic. 

An Oct. 2009 issue of De Rebus stated that "AULAI has produced three manuals on curriculum development, teaching methodologies and assessment models."

Legal Aid Guide

Books about Clinical Law in South Africa

Juta Law's "Understanding" Series

Juta Law publishes an "Understanding" series that provides overviews of many laws that student participants in clinics might need to apply.  Titles in this series include: Understanding Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (2010); Understanding the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (2009); Understanding the Employment Equity Act (2009); Understanding Land Tenure Law (2009); Understanding the Labour Relations Act (2009); and Understanding Social Security Law (2009). 

Community Law Centre Publications

University of the Western Cape's Community Law Centre "engages in policy development, advocacy and educational initiatives, focusing on areas critical to the realisation of human rights and democracy in South Africa and Africa in general."  It publishes material about topics such as securing socio-economic rights, enforcing children's rights and protecting victims of domestic violence. 

TIP: This Centre digests South African and foreign cases about children's rights and South African and foreign cases about socio-economic rights.

TIP: Many of this Centre's materials are available in full-text through links: Publications and Community Law Centre: Other Publications.   Another way to identify publications of this Centre is to use UWC's library catalog and search "All fields": Community Law Centre.  Then, use the Centre's title search feature to try to obtain the full-text publication at the Centre's website. 


Claiming Economic, Social and Cultural Rights at the International Level (2009) - Lilian Chenwi.

Living in Security, Peace and Dignity: The Right To Have Access to Housing of Women Who Are Victims of Gender-based Violence (2009) - Helene Combrinck.

Evictions in South Africa: Relevant International and National Standards (2008) - Lilian Chenwi.

Socio-Economic Rights in South Africa: A Resource Book (2007) - Sibonile Khoza, ed.