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Researching Copyright Law: Library Materials

A guide to resources on copyright law available at Brooklyn Law School.

Video and Sound Recordings

In addition to printed materials, the library also has a few audio/video materials related to copyright law.

General Tips

The Brooklyn Law School library contains numerous sources of information about copyright law, including books, treatises, law journals, videos, and recordings.

When searching the library catalog for materials on copyright, some relevant keywords or subjects to search are:

  • Copyright
  • Copyright infringement
  • Copyright, international
  • Intellectual property
  • Fair use 
  • Freedom of information
  • Entertainment law
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act

To expand your search to materials available in other libraries, WorldCat will allow you to search libraries worldwide by Keyword, Subject, and many other criteria.

The links below will take you to additional information about the Brooklyn Law School library's materials on Copyright Law.