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Resources for Louisiana State Law Research: Regulations and Agencies

Louisiana State Regulations


Electronic versions of the Louisiana Register (1975 to the present), the current version of the Louisiana Administrative Code, and Executive Orders from the current ahd previous two governors are freely available on the State Registrar's website.

The current text of the Louisiana Administrative Code is also available on:

There are some advantages to looking at regulations on platforms like Westlaw and Lexis, such as links to related materials, topical indexes, and indications when changes to regulations are pending.

Louisiana Executive Branch

Office of the Governor: Site provides relevant state news, office press releases and speeches, cabinet information, and other valuable resources.

Executive Branch Departments: Brief descriptions of each branch of the Louisiana state Executive Branch. Provides links to individual department pages.

State Agency Directory: Alphabetical list and links to webpages of each Louisiana state agency.

Louisiana State Constitution: Available on the Louisiana State Senate website in text and in PDF.