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Resources for Louisiana State Law Research: Cases and Courts

Louisiana State Cases and Court Documents


The library has the full Louisiana Digests available in the Statutes Room on the Second Floor (call number KFL57 .W47).  

West's Southern Reporter, 1st - 3d series, is available in the National Collection in the Zwanger Reading Room (call number KF135.S8 S62).

Online (subscription databases):


Lexis Advance:

  • Louisiana Cases has case law from the Louisiana Supreme Court and from the Louisiana Court of Appeals.  Also has Louisiana District Court Cases from 2010 and unpublished decisions from 2007.
  • Louisiana Briefs, Pleadings and Motions is a collection of briefs and motions from a variety of state cases which include the Supreme, Appeals and District Courts.



Louisiana Courts

Louisiana Supreme Court: the highest court of the state of Louisiana. The Court is composed of a chief justice and six associate justices, four of whom must agree in order to render a judgment. Supreme Court judges serve ten-year terms. The Supreme Court's website contains recent and past dockets, court rules, news releases and opinions.

Courts of Appeal: The state currently has five circuit courts, with one court of appeal in each. Each court has panels of at least three judges. The judge with the longest term of service is named chief judge. A majority of the judges sitting in a case must concur to render judgment. The term of a court of appeal judge is ten years. The court websites contain court information, opinions, and dockets.

District Courts: The state is currently divided into 40 judicial districts, each composed of at least one parish and served by at least one district judge. Each district elects a chief judge. The term of a district, parish, or city court judge is six years.

Some, but not all, of the District Courts have their own webpages with varying amounts of information. The addresses and webpages, when available, can be found here.