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Federal Civil Procedure : Free Web Sources

This guide is intended to help law students and practitioners find resources which will help them understand federal civil procedure and find applicable federal court rules. Developed by Joan Markey and updated by Rosemary Campagna and Eric Yap.

Free Websites

If you have no familiarity at all with rules, Wikipedia has a good overview of the rules.

Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute l has an excellent website which provides free access to a lot of legal information, including the rules of civil procedure and other federal court rules.  It has a good introduction to civil procedure

The official website of the US Courts is also a good starting point for information. Start on the Federal Courts page.


Cornell's Legal Information Institute LII

You can download free versions of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and other rules which will work on your Ipad or Kindle from CALI e-Langdell