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Brooklyn Law School Library in a Nutshell: Printing/Copying/Scanning

This guide is a brief introduction to and overview of the Brooklyn Law School Library. Described here are the services, resources, facilities and staff of the Library.


Students receive $25.00 per year for their Pharos printing accounts.  The charge for printing is five cents per page.  Students can add money to their Pharos account online using a debit or credit card by logging on to BLSConnect and click on "Printing Account Replenishment" under "Quick Links."

There are a total of 13 release stations and printers located throughout the library where students may send print jobs.


There is an Indus Book Scanner located on the first floor which may be used to scan pages from a book to an email address.  There are also two scanner/copiers on the first floor to scan or photocopy pages.

There is no charge for scanning or copying.

Microform Reproduction

The library has a large collection of material in microfilm and microfiche in the cellar of the library.  In room C33 of the library there is Konica microform reader/printer/scanner.  There is no charge for printing or scanning microforms. For assistance with locating microforms or using the machine, please go to the circulation or reference desk.