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Teaching Law School: Resources: Sources in BLS Library

Teaching Law: Sources Available Through BLS Library

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Law-Study and teaching-United States

Recent Articles & Webcast

1) Sophie Sparrow, Making Time to Reflect on Your Teaching (June 2011)

2) Rachel A. Van Cleave, A Primer for Teaching Law as an Adjunct Professor, The Recorder (California) (Online), May 18, 2011.  (Through a law school's subscription to LexisNexis, one can review The Recorder.

3) Aliza B. Kaplan & Kathleen Darvil, Think [and Practice] Like a Lawyer: Legal Research for the New Millennials (published in Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors, Vol. 8, 2011)

4) Ira S. Nathenson, Teaching Law with Online Role-Playing Simulations (material prepared for a summer 2011 conference)

5) May 6, 2011 workshop co-sponsored by ASIL's Teaching International Law Interest Group & American Branch of the International Law Association, Teaching International Law Beyond the Classroom: Engaging Students in Experiential Learning, in Web 2.0, and in Historical and Empirical Research

Feed from "Best Practices for Legal Education" (Prof. Mary Lynch, ed.)

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Outcomes Assessment To Improve Teaching & Learning

Outcomes Assessment for Law Schools (2000) by Gregory S. Munro, is available through the website of the Sturm College of Law Library

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