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Affordable Legal Information Sources for Attorneys: Introduction

This guide points you to reliable sources that are free or nearly free. Developed by Victoria Szymczak; updated by Rosemary Campagna

Law Libraries


Once you leave law school, you still have access to many resources that can help you function effectively as a practitioner.  You will need access to both the internet and at least one good law library.  The law library can be your school library.  All schools have arrangements for alumni access and you should contact your librarians to find out what they can help you with after graduation.  In addition, we have many public access libraries in New York which you can access for free or for a small membership fee.  These libraries can give you access to high end materials in online or print formats.

This guide will point you toward free or low cost resources that will be helpful to you as you begin yoru career.

Legal Dictionaries


The links in this section serve as gateways to primary law.  Those marked with an F provide free or mostly free information.