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Affordable Law School Course Materials: Subject Specific Affordable Case Books

This guide is intended to help faculty identify affordable course materials. Please contact your library liaison for help locating subject specific course materials.

Subject Specific Guides

The information on this page directs you to affordable subject specific course books.  Please also remember to browse the hundreds of course books available through Harvard's H20 site and CALI.  

Advertising & Marketing Law

Download Professors Rebecca Tushnet and Eric Goldman's casebook for $12.00.

Copyright Law

NYU Law Professors Jeanne Fromer and Christopher Jon Sprigman published an open casebook for Copyright Law.

Federal Tax

Global Constitutional Law

The Clough Center at Boston College in parnternship with I-CONnect publishes an e-book available on SSRN called, Global Review of Constitutional Law.  The 2018 edition, posted in October 2019, is the latest edition.

The 2018 Global Review assembles detailed but relatively brief reports on constitutional developments and cases in 65 jurisdictions during the past calendar year. The reports are authored by academic and/or judicial experts, and often the reports are co-authored by judges and scholars. The reports in this first-of-its-kind volume offer readers systematic knowledge that, previously, has been limited mainly to local networks rather than a broader readership.

Intellectual Property

Duke University publishes a series of coursebooks for law students. The first title in the series is Intellectual Property: Law and the Information Society. The text can be downloaded for free under a Creative Commons license. Users can acquire individual chapters in different formats, including a print copy of the text for a modest fee. Duke characterizes its paperback format as $130 less than other leading IP casebooks.


Founded by Professor Peter S. Menell from UC Berkeley School of Law, Clause 8 takes its name from the so-called Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Professor Menell co-authors his affordable course materials with other professors and practitioners; his Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age (IPNTA) casebook was published through a major publisher previously.  Clause 8 offers a major intellectual property casebook, a statutes supplement, and a guide on patent case management directed towards federal judges and clerks. Pricing is less than $30 per volume; the first 2 chapters of the casebook are posted to SSRN for preview purposes. 

Internet Law

Professor Goldman offers his 2020 casebook through Gumroad Press for $10.

Professional Responsibility

Professional Responsibility: An Open-Source Casebook

This is an open source textbook authored by Brian L. Frye, University of Kentucky - College of Law and Elizabeth Schiller, University of Richmond - William Taylor Muse Law Library

Date Written: April 8, 2019; 854 Pages Posted: 13 May 2019

Authors' statement: This casebook is licensed “Creative Commons 0 / No Rights Reserved.” That means that we explicitly disclaim any copyright claim in all of the original elements that we created in writing this casebook and have intentionally placed the casebook in the public domain. Because this casebook is in the public domain, you can use the materials in it in any way that you like, with or without attribution. Of course, the casebook contains many copyrighted elements that belong to other people and that we used pursuant to fair use. Those elements are still protected by copyright.

We hope that this free casebook helps show that it is possible to create teaching materials for legal education in an open-source format. And we hope it makes access to the law governing legal practice more accessible to law students, attorneys, and anyone interested in the regulation of the legal profession."


Open Source Property is a free downloadable casebook authored by Stephen Clowney, James Grimmelman, Michael Grynberg, Jeremy Sheff, and Rebecca Tushnet. The site includes a teacher's manual and slides tied to the various modules. 

Trademark Law

Professor Barton Beebe of NYU Law has posted an open casebook for trademark law.