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Researching Mass Incarceration and Prison Abolition: Finding Books: Tips

A research guide created by Brooklyn Law School's librarians to assist those who wish to identify resources on mass incarceration and prison abolition. This guide highlights selected New York-specific events and sources.

Finding Books: Tips

  • New books are coming!  When you access this guide in future, please reload this web page to view new acquisitions.
  • To search for books in this guide: When you use the search box (top right), place a few words from a book's title in quotation marks. 
    • Search example: "Just Mercy" will direct you to the guide box containing information about this book.
  • To find books in BLS Library: search SARA catalog.  BLS researchers who plan to work off campus and do not live in a BLS residence: implement the BLS proxy server instructions for 1 web browser, then close/reopen that browser.  This will allow you to access BLS ebooks off campus.  (If you successfully implement the BLS proxy instructions, a prompt will appear requesting your BLS username/password.) 
    • Need help implementing the BLS proxy instructions?  Contact:
    • Tip re. EBC ebooks in BLS Library's SARA catalog: First-time use of the EBC ebook platform requires BLS patrons to click: Create Account.  Subsequent use of an EBC ebook: a BLS patron will need to enter the patron's username (format: & password.
  • BLS Library tries to provide multiple-user access to ebooks.  But sometimes vendors do not offer this purchase option or the option is expensive.  Faculty who wish to assign readings from "single-user" BLS Library ebooks: please contact your librarian liaison or to discuss access/library purchase options.   
  • To identify resources in many other libraries: search WorldCat
  • To place interlibrary loan requests for books, book chapters, articles, reports and other material: Click tab: ILL in SARA catalog and enter your BLS user name & password. 
    • Need help identifying material to support your research?  Contact: