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Teaching Law School: Resources: Bibliographies

Teaching Law: Bibliographies

  • Institute for Law Teaching and Learning (co-sponsored by the law schools at Washburn University and Gonzaga University)

This web page links to publications of the Institute for Law Teaching and Learning, such as:

the newsletter The Law Teacher;

the book Outcomes Assessment for Law Schools by Gregory S. Munro (2000);

and videos (with accompanying written materials) about teaching in law school.

 Two of these videos incorporate comments made by Brooklyn Law School students:

Gerald Hess, Paula Lustbader & Laurie Zimet, Teach to the Whole Class: Barriers and Pathways to Learning (1997)
Lustbader, Zimet & Hess, Principles for Enhancing Legal Education (2001)

Laurie Levenson, A Better Way to Teach Law School, TEDxUCLA (2012)

  • Institute for Law Teaching and Learning, Resources.

This web page describes (and often links to) bibliographies, books, articles, websites and blogs created by those outside of the Institute.‚Äč

In footnote 1 (p. 73) of Strategies and Techniques of Law School Teaching: A Primer for New (and Not So New) Professors (2009), Professors Howard E. Katz and Kevin Francis O'Neill recommend these additional bibliographies: