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Researching Statutes: How do you cite to a statute?

This guide serves as an introduction to statutory research. To access the linked databases on Westlaw and Lexis, you should sign on to Westlaw and Lexis before clicking on the links in this guide.

The Bluebook, 19th Edition

New York Law Reports Style Manual

Bluebook Rules

For citing to statutes, follow Bluebook Rule 12.

  • For official or unofficial codes, follow Rule 12.3.
  • For session laws, follow Rule 12.4.
  • For invalidation, repeal, amendment or prior history, follow Rule 12.7.
  • For citing to secondary sources, follow Rule 12.6.
  • For short forms of statutes, follow Rule 12.10.

Bluebook Tables

  • Table T.1: Lists proper citation forms for federal and state codes and session laws.
    • Table T.10: Lists proper state abbreviations.