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Researching Statutes: New York

This guide serves as an introduction to statutory research. To access the linked databases on Westlaw and Lexis, you should sign on to Westlaw and Lexis before clicking on the links in this guide.

New York Statutory Materials at BLS

New York State

The New York State code, session laws, and chapter laws can be found in print and online.  Unlike the Federal Government, there is no official publication of the New York State code.  Rather, New York State statutes are codified by various publishers, like West, LexisNexis, and Gould.  In contrast to the New York code, there are both official and unofficial publications of New York's session laws. Print versions of New York State statutory materials are located on the second floor of the library in the New York Collection.

For online access to the New York Code go to:

New York Session Laws

New York Chapter Laws