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Paper Topic Selection: International: Intro.

Sources to identify international law developments.


Paper Topic Selection highlights news sources to assist in identifying a current legal problem.  After choosing a subject, users can review: Paper Topic Development.          

TIP: To understand the sources of international law:

Read Art. 38(1) of the Statute of the International Court of Justice

Then consult one or more of these helpful tools:

in the Audiovisual Library of International Law, click topic: International Law > subtopic: Sources of Law 

In BLS Library's catalog record, click: ACCESS ONLINE VERSION - OXFORD > click: + next to: Main Text > click: + next to: Part I: Preliminary Topics > click + next to: 2. The sources of international law

In BLS Library's catalog record, click: ACCESS ONLINE VERSION--OXFORD

There are many additional e-books in: Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law (accessible off campus if one has implemented the proxy server instructions)

TIP: To understand how to structure either a law journal note or a seminar paper, consult this highly useful guide:

Printing at Brooklyn Law School Library

Log in to BLSConnect.  Click BLSConnect's menu icon (top left), then follow path: Technology > Tech Tips and Guides > Printing, Passwords and MSFT Office  

How To Print Using Pharos for Students and Research Assistants

How To Print Using Pharos for Members of a Journal

If you have questions about printing in BLS Library, email: