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Paper Topic Selection: International: U.S. Congressional Dev's.

Sources to identify international law developments.

U.S. Congressional Developments

‚ÄčCQ Magazine (subscription required) contains articles about key U.S. Congressional bills.  TIP: Many bills, such as those dealing with energy, climate change or trade, could be the focus of an international law-oriented article.  Page might load slowly--please be patient. 

(Accessible on campus, in BLS housing, and elsewhere off campus if one has implemented the proxy server instructions.)

Congressional Research Service Reports analyze hot topics before the U.S. Congress.  TIP: Click box: Search without entering any search terms to obtain an index of these Reports.      

University of North Texas Libraries also offers a searchable archive of Congressional Research Reports

Bloomberg Law subscription database includes:

From home screen, click: Browse.  The "Browse All Content" menu links to: News & Analysis > News from Bloomberg TerminalLatest News > heading: Government

(Current BLS students, faculty and administrators can register to create Bloomberg Law accounts.)

GovTrack tracks activities of the U.S. Congress.  Find a Bill provides a user-friendly search template for Congressional bills. is the site at which the U.S. Library of Congress provides Congressional bills and status reports about bills.

Govinfo is the site at which the U.S. Government Printing office provides Congressional bills, hearings, reports, the daily (M-F) Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations.