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Paper Topic Selection: International: China

Sources to identify international law developments.

China: Legal News

Westlaw China subscription database includes tab: "Current Awareness."

(Current BLS students, faculty and administrators can access Westlaw China.  Off-campus access requires BLS patrons to implement the proxy server instructions.) subscription database provides free "Legal News," "Articles," and an overview of the "Legal System of China."  

Mondaq (free, registration required) aggregates law firm newsletters. 

TIP: Use the filter: Region/Country to select: China > then, use the filters: Primary Topic and Secondary Topic

Lexis+ subscription database: Inside US-China Trade  (Weekly)

TIP: The link in this guide directs researchers to a search template for Inside US-China Trade.  To view the most current articles from Inside US-China Trade, click: Actions > Get all documents for this source. 

China Law Blog

Harris Bricken's China Law Blog focuses on "China law for business."  

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