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Paper Topic Development: International: Other Databases of Articles (including pre-prints) & Papers

Tools to identify articles, books, treaties, UN documents, jurisprudence and other sources to support an international law paper.

Legal Articles & Hague Academy IL Courses

Repositories that include pre-prints:

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) (requires registration, registration is free)

Includes legal working papers, unpublished/recently published legal articles, and even some book chapters.  

bepress Legal Repository 

Includes legal working papers and unpublished/recently published legal articles. 

Use Advanced Search to find articles by subject, keywords in abstract, author and title.   


Pre-print and post-print free legal repository. 

Sources of published articles:

Digital Commons Network, Law Commons is an open access repository of published articles.  BrooklynWorks (Brooklyn Law School's scholarly repository) is part of this network.

TIP: From the main page of Law Commons, view articles grouped by sub-discipline, such as: International Law or International Humanitarian Law.

‚ÄčHeinOnline's Law Journal Library and Foreign and International Law Resources Database

Contains published legal articles (articles published in journals and in yearbooks).

(Access subscription HeinOnline databases on campus, in BLS housing, and elsewhere off campus if one has implemented the proxy server instructions.)

Westlaw's Law Reviews & Journals and United Kingdom Journals

(Click links above and enter Westlaw user name and password.)

Lexis+ tab: International

Includes: Canada > All Canada Law Reviews and Journals and United Kingdom > All United Kingdom Law Reviews and Journals

(Click links above and enter Lexis Advance user name and password.)

Google Scholar, bullet: Articles

If a BLS researcher does not plan to work on campus or in BLS housing, before searching, implement the proxy server instructions.  Then, the BLS researcher will be able to access more full-text articles in Google Scholar search results.

Directory of Open Access Journals

World Legal Information Institute: Categories: Law Journals

This free "legal research facility" includes link Law Journals: "By Country."