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Federal Legislative History Research: Hearings

Hearing Types

  • Legislative - attached to pending legislation

  • Investigative - investigate particular topic

  • Oversight - examine impact and efficiency of established laws

Types of Committee Hearings CRS Report, 2015

Free Electronic Sources for Hearings

GovInfo - 1957 to present

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications - Pdf copies of hearings from mid 1990's to present. Select Browse tab and choose Internet Publications under Catalogs to Search and search by title or keyword.

Try googling the title of the hearing.

Electronic Sources for Hearings

Lexis - selected testimony

Westlaw - selected testimony

Bloomberg Law - selected testimony

Legislative Insight - full text of hearings associated with enacted legislation from 1797 forward.

BLS Library Collection

The Library receives the full text of hearings in microfiche.  Please see a reference librarian for help.

Check SARA for the title of the hearing.  The Library has many hearings in both print and digital formats. 




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