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Paper Topic Selection and Development Guide: Legal News Providers

This guide is designed to help law students select and research a topic for their upper level writing requirement.


Law360 is a comprehensive and timely news service which, according to its website, covers:

  • Every major litigation development in the U.S. federal district courts
  • Every major lawsuit filed against the world’s 2,000 top companies
  • Every major opinion handed down in the U.S. federal courts
  • Every major development in class actions and multidistrict litigation
  • Every major transaction involving the top 250 U.S. law firms
  • Every major hire at the top 800 U.S. law firms
  • Every major initiative by state, federal and international legislatures.


  • Browse News Articles and Expert Analysis by Practice Area (click:See All Sections to view a list of practice areas).
  • View Original Court Documents.

Lexis+ Legal News Hub (Law360 content)

Tip: In Lexis+, click: Legal News Hub on left side of screen.  Tab: All Sections displays a list of Law360 practice areas, as well as Law360 Pulse (which includes New York Pulse), and Law360 Authority ("deep news and analysis" for tax, employment and insurance). provides legal news from 18+ online legal news sources.

Click: Search and enter keywords and, if desired, a start date/end date.

Tip:To browse legal news by topic, follow path: Menu > Topics > All Law Topics > choose a topic.

Tip:To browse legal news by publication, follow path: Menu > Publications > choose a publication (e.g., New York Law Journal, New Jersey Law Journal, National Law Journal, Supreme Court Brief.) 

Jurist Legal News & Commentary

Jurist Legal News & Commentary is a real time legal news service that reports on both national and international news.

  •  Format Views: 
    • U.S.
    • World
    • All
  •  Features:
    • View Original Documents

Bloomberg Law News Channels

Bloomberg Law news channels provides real time access to Bloomberg's authoritative news coverage.  Legal news stories are arranged by topic. To access the news channels, you must first register with Bloomberg Law. To register: Brooklyn Law School students should click on the link to request a law school account from the Bloomberg Law home page. 

Once registered with/signed in to Bloomberg Law: click on the main screen News & Analysis tab > select: Bloomberg Law News to view a list of legal news channels.

Popular channels include:

  • U.S. Law Week
    • Tip: On a monthly basis, U.S. Law Week publishes a table of circuit splits.  To access go to Bloomberg Law > click on the main screen News & Analysis tab > select: Bloomberg Law News to view a list of legal news channels > select: U.S. Law Week.  Type: circuit in the U.S. Law Week search box > click prompt: Circuit Splits.
  • Privacy & Data Security News
  • Daily Labor Report 

Westlaw Topical Highlights & Bulletins

Westlaw Edge Bulletins & Topical Highlights summarize recent federal and state judicial, legislative and administrative developments.  Search all content, click a specific topic or click a specific bulletin (bulletins exist for the U.S. Supreme Court and selected states).  

Bulletins include: