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EU Legal Research: Starting Points: Legal News

Recommendation for BLS researchers who are using this guide off-campus: first, implement the proxy instructions [at] for access to BLS subscription databases.

EU Legal News: Online Sources


EU Focus (selected articles, BLS Library also provides this current awareness source in print)

United Kingdom Current Awareness (includes topic: European Union)

Practical Law > Global Home > European Union (includes legal updates)

Bloomberg Law

Privacy & Data Security > In Focus: GDPR tracks GDPR legal developments.

European Union Newsroom features latest stories and provides press releases about many EU legislative proposals.

European Sources Online (TIP: run search > refine results by subject: Law)

EU Law: Latest Business News about EU Law, Legal Issues and the European Court of Justice

Includes coverage of European Commission legal action against EU member states for failing to comply with their obligations under EU law.

EUROPA: Topics of the European Union