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International Refugee Law: Sources To Support Safe Harbor Participants & Other Interns: Frequently Used UNHCR Docs.

New: UNHCR Policy and Guidance in the Context of the COVID-19 Response


UNHCR's Handbook ("UNHCR’s Handbook on Procedures and Criteria for Determining Refugee Status is often referred to as an authoritative guide by States’ courts when interpreting national legislation in accordance with the 1951 Convention"):

Procedural Standards & Note on Burden and Standard of Proof in Refugee Claims

Executive Committee Conclusions

Subject-arranged collection of excerpts from UNHCR's Executive Committee Conclusions:

See also link to web page of UNHCR's Executive Committee

Compilation of Cases

Subject-arranged collection of excerpts from leading cases:

Tip: To update the Compilation and to find more cases, use sources under guide tab: Refugee Case Databases.