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Federal Civil Procedure : Hornbooks, Guides, Manuals, Treatises & Study Aids

This guide is intended to help law students and practitioners find resources which will help them understand federal civil procedure and find applicable federal court rules. Developed by Joan Markey and updated by Loreen Peritz.

Research Tip: Secondary Sources

If you are not familiar with federal civil procedure, including the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, it is helpful to consult secondary sources.  Note: A practitioner is more likely to use one of the comprehensive multi-volume treatises (e.g., Federal Practice and Procedure, Moore's Federal Practice) which are available both in print and online.  The multi-volume treatises are especially useful when you are searching for an in-depth discussion of a particular rule and want to find cases interpreting the rule.

Guide: Civil Procedure

Treatises & Hornbooks: Civil Procedure



Study Aids Containing Multiple-Choice Questions & Short-Answer Questions: Civil Procedure

Additional Study Aids: Civil Procedure