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Federal Civil Procedure : Current Awareness Sources

This guide is intended to help law students and practitioners find resources which will help them understand federal civil procedure and find applicable federal court rules. Developed by Joan Markey and updated by Rosemary Campagna and Eric Yap.

Tip: Check Current & Pending Rules

Once you have mastered the rules of federal civil procedure, you may want to read more about new interpretations of, or proposed changes to, the rules. This page highlights selected current awareness sources about federal civil procedure and federal courts.  Additionally, it is useful to check the Current Rules of Practice & Procedure on the United States Courts site to make sure you are using the most recent version of the rules. You also might need to check Pending Rules and Forms Amendments.

Civil Procedure & Federal Courts Blog

Civil Procedure & Federal Courts Blog is an excellent source of information about issues related to federal civil procedure and federal courts.  One of the co-editors of this blog is Brooklyn Law School Professor Robin Effron.

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Additional Current Awareness Sources