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Brooklyn Law School Library in a Nutshell: Computer Labs

This guide is a brief introduction to and overview of the Brooklyn Law School Library. Described here are the services, resources, facilities and staff of the Library.

Locations & Descriptions of Computer Labs

The library has three computer labs.  Their locations and descriptions are below:

  1. Cellar Lab, located by the Main Collection, Library Cellar:  32 computer workstations and 5 release stations/printers.
  2. TechEd Lab, Room C36 in the Library Cellar:  16 Macintosh computers.  This lab is used for legal research classes, technology education instruction, training sessions, and events. It may be used by students when it is not reserved for classes or events. The TechEd Lab calendar is found here
  3. 3rd Floor Computer Lab, Room 337: This lab has 13 computers, 2 release stations/printers. There is a COLOR PRINTER in this lab.

Public Access Computers

In addition to the computer labs, public access computers can be found on the first floor of the the library opposite the reference desk, and on the second and third floors of the library, in the elevator lobbies.  These computers may be used to access the library catalog, and for *quick* email checks and Internet searches.