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Brooklyn Law School Library in a Nutshell: Study Rooms

This guide is a brief introduction to and overview of the Brooklyn Law School Library. Described here are the services, resources, facilities and staff of the Library.

Study Rooms

The library has 25 study rooms for student use.  Students may make a reservation to reserve a study room by going to the study room reservations link on the library homepage. Room numbers and room descriptions may be found here prior to making the reservation.

Study rooms may be reserved in 30-minute time slots; the time slots must be contiguous. Students may book up to eight contiguous time slots per day for a total of four hours per user per day.

Study rooms may be reserved for the current day and up to three days ahead.

During the Fall and Spring semester reading and examination periods, reservations are mandatory.  During ths period all study rooms are locked and students must go to the first floor circulation desk at the time of their reservation to obtain the key to the room.

Other Rooms

Library Student Lounge -  Room 104M is the library lounge for students.  This room contains several sofas and chairs, as well as the Professor Robert M. Pitler DVD Collection and a mobile device charging station provided by Westlaw.

Contemplation Room - Room 105M is a room for students, staff and faculty to engage in contemplation, meditation, or quiet spiritual awareness.  The guidelines for the use of this room are posted next to the room's entrance.

Archives - Room 107M contains the Brooklyn Law School Archives. For information about access to the Archives and a description of its contents, see the BLS Library Archives Collection.

Classroom - Room 113M is the library classroom.  This room is available for BLS training or research sessions by appointment.  Please contact the library administrative assistant for information about reserving this room.


Restrooms are located in the cellar to the rear of the international collection, in the third floor Nash Reading Room, and on the second and third floors near the stairwells.