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Brooklyn Law School Library in a Nutshell: Courtesy Policies

This guide is a brief introduction to and overview of the Brooklyn Law School Library. Described here are the services, resources, facilities and staff of the Library.

Courtesy Policies

The library staff works to ensure that the BLS library is a helpful, friendly and welcoming place for students and others to work, read, and study.  Please observe the following policies when using the library:

  • Food & Drink: Students may have "light snacks" in the library. Light snacks, such as food generally dispensed in vending machines: candy, cookies, chips, pretzels, donuts, bagels, etc., are permitted. (Not sure you should eat a bagel from a vending machine, though.) In other words, packaged foods which can easily be eaten dry and with the hands. The library reserves the right to determine which food items are acceptable and which are not appropriate for library consumption.  Non-alcoholic beverages in covered containers are permitted.
  • Noise:  Please keep noise and conversations in the reading rooms to a minimum.  The Nash Reading Room on the 3rd Floor, and the library 1st Floor are collaboration areas where conversation-level talking is permitted (even encouraged.) You may reserve a study room for group study and more intense discussions. 
  • Cell Phones:  Please go to the library corridors to make or receive a call.
  • Protect Your Valuables:  Do not leave your laptop, iPad, mobile phone, or other valuables unattended. Do use the secure charging station near the lockers. Security cables are available for loan at the circulation desk. Brooklyn Law School is not responsible for stolen property.
  • Lost Items:  Items found in the library are turned over to the BLS Lobby Guard. Check there for lost items.
  • Fire Drills:  For everyone's safety, Brooklyn Law School has regular fire drills.  Please exit the library as soon as you hear the fire alarm go off.  Take anything of value with you.  Follow the instructions of library staff who will direct you to the nearest exit.