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Teaching Law School: Resources: Sources in BLS Library

Teaching Law: Sources Available Through BLS Library

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Law-Study and teaching-United States

Recent Articles & Webcast

1) Nina A. Kohn, Online Learning and the Future of Legal Education 70 Syrause L. Rev. 1 (2020).

2) Tomar Pierson-Brown, (Systems) Thinking Like a Lawyer 26 Clin. L. Rev. 515 (2020).

3) Louis N. Schulze,  Using Science to Build Better Learners: One School's Successful Efforts to Raise Its Bar Passage Rate in an Era of Decline 68 J. Legal. Educ. 230 (2019).

4) Paul Caron, COVID-19 And Law Teaching: Developing Asynchronous Online Courses for Law Students TaxProf Blog (May 26, 2020),

5) June 2020 workshop, CALIcon 2020: Law School in a Time of Pandemic (access proposed sessions content).

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