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English Legal Sources Available through BLS Library: News

The Guardian: Law (news)

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Selected European and UK News Sources

LexisNexis for Law School > Go to Lexis Advance > Explore Content: News > International by Region > Europe.  Post-search filters support narrowing results by geography and source.   

Scan headlines at The Times (London).  BLS researchers can find the text of many stories published in The Times (London), including today's stories, through path: LexisNexis for Law School > Go to Lexis Advance > type in search box: the times london > click: The Times (London)

BLS researchers can search The Wall Street Journal (Europe) through path: LexisNexis for Law School > Go to Lexis Advance > type in search box: wall street journal europe > click: Wall Street Journal Europe

Also, BLS researchers can visit the reference desk and request that librarians assist them with retrieving articles from and

Westlaw: United Kingdom Current Awareness

Westlaw database: United Kingdom Current Awareness describes legal and regulatory developments in the U.K. and in the E.U. 

Path to reach United Kingdom Current Awareness in Westlaw: International Materials > United Kingdom > All United Kingdom Current Awareness

Tip: Then, researchers either can search the broad database or can select a narrower database, such as:

Bills, Cases, Corporate Business Highlights, European Union, Finance and Banking, Legislation, Litigation Highlights, Newspapers and Journals, Official Publications and Press Releases.




UK's Planned Exit from the EU

The UK government has established a Department for Exiting the European Union.  Follow link: Article 50 and negotiations with the EU to access the UK government's Brexit policy papers. 

Practical Law maintains Brexit's impact on Legislation in the UK: EU legislation tracker.  BLS researchers can link to the documents highlighted in this legislation tracker by accessing Westlaw database: Practical Law and entering the title of this tracker in Practical Law's search box.


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