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English Legal Sources Available through BLS Library: Treaties

UK: Current Treaties

GOV.UK, Guidance: UK Treaties links to UK Treaties Online and UK Treaty Action Bulletins 

UK Parliament, House of Commons Library, EU Law and Treaties

UK: Historical Treaties

Treaty Series (1892-) in microfilm in BLS Library

  • BLS Library microfilm of the UK Treaty Series ends with 1984-85 treaties. General indexes to the microfilm of the Treaty Series are in reel 31.

British and Foreign State Papers and Indexes (1841-1968) in microfilm in BLS Library

  • BLS Library holdings: vol. 1 (1812/14) – vol. 170 (1967/68). Index vols.: 64, 93, 115, 138,165 & 170.

EU: Treaties (U.K. formally withdrew from the EU on Jan. 31, 2020)

EUR-Lex > Treaties Currently in Force

  • Provides links to the complete consolidated texts of key EU treaties.